LAPD officer won't face new trial on accusation of filing false police report

GOP Sen. Collins likely against latest health bill adding another blow

Sen. Susan Collins on Sunday all but closed the door to supporting last-ditch Republican health care bill, leaving her party's drive to uproot President Barack Obama's health care law dangling by an increasingly slender thread. Already two GOP senators ...

Woman Claims Sexy Courtroom Outfits Turned Jury Against Her in Murder-for-Hire Trial

A former model, whose conviction in a murder-for-hire case was overturned last year, says she was found guilty in the first place because her attractive appearance and sexy outfits turned jurors against her. Tara Lambert, 34, of Ohio, was dressed to kill ...

Justice Department goes nuclear on Google in search warrant fight

The Justice Department is demanding that a federal judge sanction Google for failing to abide by court orders to turn over data tied to 22 e-mail accounts. "Google's conduct here amounts to a willful and contemptuous disregard of various court orders," the ...

Raccoon Takes A Wild Ride On A Colorado Cop's Car

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO As officer Chris Frabbiele raced to the scene of an accident, something flashed across his windshield and began blocking his view. A plastic bag? A pile of leaves? A piece of debris? No. It was a full-grown raccoon, clinging for ...
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